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The Hilltown, located about 7 miles south of Donegal Town in County Donegal, is one of the most special places on Earth.  For all those who have been there, it has a firm hold upon their hearts.  If ever there was a place that felt like home, the Hilltown is it!  This site is intended to serve as a resource for those planning on visiting the Hilltown, but it may also serve a nostalgic purpose for those who can only visit in cyberspace.

The Hilltown

This site is broken down into the following pages:

  • Day Trips - Here you will find a map of Donegal with buttons scattered about at some of the most scenic and fun locations in the County.  Each button will take you to a description of the trip you can take from the Hilltown.  This includes directions, what you can expect, and what you need to bring.
  • Info for Renters - the Hilltown is now available to rent! Find out more...
  • Links & Tips - Helpful reminders about Ireland, getting to the Hilltown, and links to useful web pages
  • Photos - An ever-growing photo gallery contributed by the friends and family who have visited.
  • Poems - A couple of poems about Donegal
  • Pubs - A short list of the pubs that are within stumbling distance of the Hilltown
  • Restaurants - Some of the finer eating establishments around Donegal

Much of the information contained on this web site is available as a printable PDF

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